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Thread: Reprogram Games

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    Reprogram Games


    I own NickelArcade.com. I started creating games 8 years ago and managed to design and program over 100 games. Because this was just a hobby of mine, I have not had time to learn the newer versions of Flash. Thus, all
    of my games were built and programmed in Flash4 AS1. I use Flash4 to this day....I know....I know....please stop laughing.

    A company approached me and wanted to use a few of my games. Unfortunately for me, they need my games in AS3. When I tried opening
    my games in Flash CS5, Flash found 51 errors.

    I will need someone to take a few of my games and reprogram them
    using AS3.

    Is this at all possible?

    If you are interested, please contact me:

    Chris Clements

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    Nothing wrong with using an older version of Flash really. Some amazing things have been done with older versions and most users don't use the full potential of current versions.

    I'm still using Flash CS3, but it has AS3 capability. I'm sending you an e-mail now.
    Send me a PM if you're interested in mini Flash games.
    Examples of my work: Arian Starfighter, Hikouki Consecution
    I'm interested in doing small-scale games at the moment.

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    AS1 to AS3 Porting

    Chris, I wouldn't be too embarrassed, if it does what you need, then there you go. I'd be interested in helping you out, I've sent you an email via the contact link you posted.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

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