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Thread: Screenshot of stage attached to email via PHP

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    Screenshot of stage attached to email via PHP

    HI everyone,
    I have a flash game which allows the user to drag and drop items into position on a stage and rotate them with the arrow keys.

    When the user has decided on the layout I would like for the submit button to send to my email.php:

    1. Name and contact details (Which I can do via text input fields)

    2. A screenshot of their layout as an attachment in the email (This I cant do!!)

    Any help with number 2 would be fantastic!!


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    in the old days (AS1/AS2) I developped something like that:
    there were two fla files, one with all interactivity (useres can arrange the stage) and one stripped to just the assets, and a small script added.
    When the visitor was done, the movie would just send positions of objects to the server, and the server would enhance a copy of the second swf by adding the data as an actionscript block.
    The recipient would get a swf attached to the mail

    Unfortunately there is no AS3 version of that concept


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    Doing this in AS3 is very simple.
    Just use the BitmapData Class to grab the image.
    Use JPGEncoder (AS3 CoreLib) to get ByteArray.
    Send the ByteArray to a script such as this.
    Save the image.
    Use a library like swift mailer to easily send an email with an attachment.

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