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Thread: Kusco, we miss you!

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    Kusco, we miss you!

    Since the last 3DFA-update has a lot happened with Flash.
    We need absolutely a new version of 3DFA!
    It would be to pity, not to develop this software any more.
    This software is the best and it must be developed furthermore!

    I use it now on my iMac under VirtualBox and it workes perfectly.
    There is nothing similar on Mac now, and OSX Version wouldn't be bad in the future.
    But now ... kusco where are you?
    Let us at least know, what do you plan and when?

    And forget this old discussions!
    For example like here:
    or here :

    He must earn for his bread, too!
    Everybody must pay for an upgrade. ( hopefully not too much ;-) )
    As well as it is also with other software today so!
    Do this kusco, please!


    Good news - the Update Registration still goes!
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    That was like two years ago... Are you really waiting?
    I'd suggest you move on

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    I propose to contact personally with kusco and moderators of this forum.

    Someone should let us know what is happening with 3DFA.
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    Please keep in mind that as far as I know Kusco was a volunteer moderator just as I was. I was the moderator of this forum for several years, If Kusco knew anything I imagine he would post it here. The maker of 3dfa is who should answer this.

    For the record Kusco's last post as far as I can see was 06-05-2008

    Really I'm surprised Flashkit hasn't dropped the forum for lack of use. I would encourage you to look for an alternative program. There a several good ones including Free tools like FlashDevelop (uses Flex SDK), SwishMax and I personally recommend Koolmoves (note I am the moderator of the Koolmoves forum and am closely tied to the company but am not employed by them).

    If 3dfa is working for you then great but after two years I'm thinking an update is unlikely.

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