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Thread: play movieclip from movieclip

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    Question play movieclip from movieclip

    I am trying to tell a movie clip nested within a movie clip to play a movie clip in a totally different part of my timeline. How do I do this?

    At the same time I need the target pic1 to iterate as the nested clip loops, for example pic2, then pic 3 each time it plays.

    This is in frame 30 of the nested movie clip:
    `var _i:int = 1;
    var varPlayer:String = "pic" + _i ;
    _i ++;`

    then in my actions layer frame 1 I have the function:
    `function playMask(theNum) {

    But my nested movie clip can't seem to call the main function.

    Is there a way to make this work? Appreciate the help, Thank you.

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    Add the actions from movieclip2 in the first movieclip. (not in the maintitle)

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