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Thread: basic requirement for learning css

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    basic requirement for learning css

    what is basic requirement for learning css. i only know basic html. i want to learn css, also suggest me good css tutorials website. thanks !

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    One of our sister site has some great reference material specific to CSS

    Remember CSS is not standalone.
    XHTML, DHTML, AJAX are all pretty much the same thing. Combining html with javascript and css.

    Also don't forget to take a walk in the garden

    Whether you choose to hardcode css into the document or opt for &import
    The concept is the same. <div>'s are used for your general content. Naming the div's is important as that is the target you use when implimenting formatting the formatting is carried out by css.

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    You should have good knowledge of html before starting css.. You can not be a good coder of css if you dont have know the html... Learn html first n then move forward. w3schools is best place to learn.....

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