I'd like to inform the community that I will be selling ad-space in my next Flash game release, Hikouki Tomodachi. I will be releasing this game to Newgrounds, Kongregate, and hopefully, Mindjolt. I'll release this game to Newgrounds and Kongregate 7 days from now, or when all slots have been filled. Mindjolt will take a long time to approve the game, but it is a guaranteed 100,000+ views over time.

The ad dimensions, placements, and prices are as follows:

336 x 280 Preloader - $40
150 x 80 Main Menu - $10 [8 slots available]

Here is a sample of the game: http://spielmacher.heliohost.org/HikTomSample.html

If this turns out to attract a lot of attention, then I'll add slots to the pause prompt and to the Game Completed and Game Over prompts.

If you are interested, please PM me. You can buy as many of the ad positions as you'd like, provided that the position is available. Each ad will be linked to one URL of your choice. No obscene, pornographic, or hateful links or ads allowed. Please provide your own ads. If you need me to make ads for you, I'll have to charge for the creation of the ad as well.