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Thread: Streaming to iPad

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    Streaming to iPad

    Hi there

    We're currently working on getting some of our flash video content prepped to be ready to stream to iPad.

    We've been doing direct links to mp4s loaded on our http server but we're not thrilled with the streaming speed and playback in general.

    I've looked into streaming media server space but it is SO expensive.

    Are there any affordable or clever solutions to help streamline this?

    thanks for any info!!

    Stevie Spin
    Media Designer

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    I've been banned

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    Isn't it that iPad can't play Flash?

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    iPad just support MPEG-4, iPad H.264 and iPad HD videos, if you need to play flash on iPad, you just need a right ipad converter to convert swf to ipad mp4, I recommend you SWF to iPad Converter, it can convert swf to ipad. Following is a step by step guide about how to convert swf to iPad:
    Hope it can help you.

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    Switching to a streaming media server may do nothing to resolve your problem.
    When you say "prepping the videos" what do you mean? What exactly is the problem with the streaming speed? is it stopping and buffering too often? What is the playback in general problem?
    Video quality is directly related to the bitrate of the video at one particular display size. Increase the display size and quality is degraded. Increase the bitrate and you may start to have problems with the download speed. To download without stopping and starting to buffer, the bitrate must be low enough for the particular Internet connection speed being used.
    So while a 1000kbsp video will have great quality, it will not download fast enough on a 1.5 Mb connection to prevent excessive stop-start buffering. Generally, you'll want the bitrate set at somewhere between 500kbps and 1000kbps to provide the best viewing experience for the widest audiance. And don't do all the testing on really fast Internet connections, test on a number of connections to get a better feel of the real audiance experience.
    Good Luck
    Video Man

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    How to stream flash content on iPad?

    You can use Google Swiffy to convert Flash SWF files to HTML5 to stream flash content on iPad without a flash player. You can also convert flash swf to iPad playable video formats like MPEG-4 to stream over the Internet.

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