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Thread: open an external pdf file using AS3

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    open an external pdf file using AS3

    hey there,

    i know what i am asking is already asked and answered in the forum, but i'd rather ask it again to be on the safe side

    i am working on a flash-based report project (we'll run it on CD) for past week, I'm new to AS3 , got in so many troubles because of it. but finally got it working fine. but there is a problem with the final act, i want to open a PDF file using flash alone. it was very easy using AS2's getURL function and worked like a charm but its a different story in AS3, i worked on it so much that it gives me a headache whenever i think about it.
    I searched and read almost every article on the web concerning this, the only think that works for me is navigateToURL,but it opens the file in web browser and that I'd rather not have.

    so i want to ask if there is a way to actually open a PDF file external source such as H.D.D using pure AS or I'll need to take a look on zinc and air?

    this is the code i used for the linking job :
    Actionscript Code:
    myDataGrid.addEventListener(Event.CHANGE, clicker);
    function clicker(evt:Event) {
        var SSL:String = evt.target.selectedItem.item;
        var path:String = "Books/"+SSL+".pdf";
        var request:URLRequest = new URLRequest(path);

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    thank you, it certainly does solve the problem about a single pdf, as you can see my pdf file name changes according to the user's selection, so if i want to use the method i have to make a .exe and .bat file for each pdf file.

    isn't there a more simple way to do this?

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    How a bout building a 3rd party PDF viewer to help with the PDF opening and reading problem? I am not so sure about it, but you can google it ans select some fine toolkits to help you. I hope you success. Good luck.

    Best regards,

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