Working on a project that has a main stage and loads/unloads external swfs into it. Most of these external swfs also contain FLVs (that are also loaded externally via FLVPlayback). Basically the user clicks on a button in the navigation and it should unload the swf and FLV that is currently playing and then load the new one. Then after the the FLV and swf play theres a "close" button that they can click to go back to the "home" swf which would be hidden underneath. I got it to work to an extent - but the FLV (even though not visually there) still has its audio playing in the background.. I've been searching to find a tutorial or anything that could help point me in the right direction with no luck.. Any chance anyone on FK knows of any tutorials or a way to accomplish this? Im pretty new to AS3 so as you can imagine its causing a world of grief to say the least haha

Also I've read a few articles about caching the other swfs while the user is floating around on the site.. Any thoughts or ideas on this?

Thanks in advance, you guys have all been an amazingly huge help!