My company emails our Flash EXE files out to customers. Most of these Flash files use keyboard events to navigate through them, and they load external SWF and video files. So, obviously, I have to package all of my movie files, SWF, and the main EXE into the same folder.

In the past, they have simply Zipped the file, emailed it out, and told them which file to open. Sadly, even this is too complicated for some people. I need to simplify the process.

I am trying to find a way to take the entire folder and bundle it into a single EXE file. Is this possible? Any other suggestions for simplifying this process?

Also, I need to find a permanent solution for opening the main Flash EXE file in a MAXIMIZED window. I don't mean fullscreen. I mean MAXIMIZED. In fullscreen, keyboard events don't work. But, they do in a Maximized window.

How can I accomplish this?