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Thread: Avatar creator and drawing game

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    Avatar creator and drawing game

    Hey guys,

    Someone from this board built me this drawing app a while back, http://www.abcarcade.com/abcdrawing.html . Its just a simple drawing game and it posts it to the website. I would like to improve it though if possible. Add more features like an eraser + maybe a paint fill button etc.

    The second project I have in mind is, a simple Avatar Creator. Like you see on http://www.miniclip.com/players/en/

    Obviously it wont be that complex. Basically, I want a lil app/game where my users can create there own avatar, by choosing faces, eyes, hair, clothes, setting etc. Ideally, the app would just pull images for say, the face from a database or a list on the site, that way in the future I could just add as many as I wanted to keep extending it without having to alter the code at all.

    Let me know by post or PM if you are interested, include examples of your work, how long you think it would take and rough estimate on price.

    Thank you
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    Sent you a PM and hope to receive an email from you soon. Definitely interested.
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    Hi moxum,

    I'm certainly interested in your project and very capable. Please see my portfolio for drawing applications I've created in the past. www.assuremind.com

    Thank you,

    Ryan Andrews

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