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Thread: Singleton scope question!

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    Singleton scope question!

    Hi all.

    The scenario:
    I have a game framework that loads in a game swf and an GUI swf. Both of these swf files use the same singleton class to manage e.g. sounds.

    The problem.
    The singleton soundmanager is instanciated once referenced for the first time from the GUI. This is normal Singleton behavior.

    However, when the game swf references the same soundmanager singleton it doesn't pass the singleton instance, but instead creates a new instance of the singleton.

    It seems the loaded game swf doesn't see the already created singleton instance object.

    When you use a singleton, shouldn't everything in the framework, game and GUI call the same singleton class and get the same instance returned? - or is there some kind of scope issue.


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    The Singleton should be shared by both movies. When you load the childmovie, the parent sound should be terminated.
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    You need to load your swfs into the same ApplicationDomain in order for them to share class definitions. Otherwise each will have their own unique class for the singleton, even if those classes are identical.

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    okay thanks - I'll give the application domain solution a chance. Sounds very much like this is the problem I am facing here.

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