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Thread: Preloadng Images With XML

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    Preloadng Images With XML


    I've downloaded this image gallery component that uses an XML file to load images into it.

    The project is to be deployed on the Internet, but the thing is, the XML code targets the images locally on my computer, for instance:

    <item src='imgs/1.jpg'>

    Meaning, that if I target the URL of the images in the XML code, each image would be downloaded only when it is reached by the user (the component shows one single image at any given time, and when you click a button it goes on to the next one).

    I was wondering if there's a way to preload the images somehow.
    Can the component preload all the images it is meant to display?
    Is there perhaps a way to target graphic instances from the library of an SWF file, instead of actual JPG files?

    Any other ideas?

    Thanks so much!

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    I like to know this also as I understand Koolmoves does not create FLA which is need to connect to XML.

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