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Thread: new flash player with GPU support

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    Hey Squize, but that's the thing, Alternativa aren't actually making this, Adobe are, Alt3D simply have access to the pre release technology just like you and many others did with CS5.

    But in this case it seems like it's just Alternativa and Away3D that have access to it.

    I'm not sure they are taking that much risk either, the only risk they take is if this technology doesn't even get released. They work on their engine full time anyway I think, and have a proper team.

    It just seems amazing quite how big an advantage they have. Months and months.

    By the time the public beta is released they'll already be ultra comfortable with it, have written some shaders, got it all working perfectly with their engine etc.

    Not worth complaining about really, I just find it a bit annoying/unfair. I'll just have to work insanely hard when the public beta arrives to get up to speed.

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    if alternativa8 is free why make your own engine? Guys at alternativa are smart, you could always extend off their API, make your own shaders and materials, broadphase and narrow phase controllers.

    However if Alternativa 8 isn't free then yes, it is unfair.
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    Why make my own engine? Because I can make a faster one that's easier for me to use, that is perfectly custom made to suit my needs

    My 3D engine is faster than all public 3D engines including Alt3D7 (Alt3D is a close second though, their new engine is MUCH better than all the others, fair play to them for that, they've made a public, easy to use engine that destroys the others).

    It's nothing to do with wanting to use their engine, or even competing with their engine.

    It's more like this, by the time the public beta arrives and of course the public Flash player so people can actually view the content powered by this new API, Alternativa are probably going to have their first game ready for release using the new technology, having months to become very comfortable with the tech and time to actually develop a game.

    So by the time they have their new game ready for release, I'll just be getting acquainted with the technology and bolting it onto my engine, writing a shader to suit my needs etc etc.

    It'll take me a while just getting acquianted and getting it all working properly, let alone actually getting a game released.

    That's what's a bit unfair. Again, nothing against the Alt3D guys, they're just making the most of it, I just think it's a bit unfair of Adobe to give some devs such a massive headstart with technology like this. They should just release the public beta now.

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    Incidentally, regarding my concerns about AS3's current speed to even transform/cull that many polygons just to feed to the GPU, let alone render, well apparently pretty much everything is done on the GPU. I guess all Flash has to do is manage everything on an object/world level, and simply feed the GPU a reference to a list of vertices/triangles per model where the GPU even does all the transformation/culling etc. Which is great, leaves a huge amount of juice to have monstrous amounts of objects, and complex physics etc

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    I wouldn't be too worried, Rumble
    They are most likely to get swamped by Adobe requests, bug fixing, optimization, etc - even after release.

    The commercial advantage, even though present, might not be as determinant as you think - yeah, they might get the first game out - and then? I think that there will be room for other actors to rise-up as well, particularly while most devs are getting comfortable with the technology ...

    Yep, you might not be the first, but you could be the second, or third, and what will make a true difference is the quality of the product you end up making, not the "cutting edge" technology ...as it should be

    As far as I'm concerned, I'm very happy that I have jumped on the 3D bandwagon: couldn't have picked a better time, I guess

    I know, it's a shameless plug, but I'm about to release my first 3D game ever as an artist (not Flash based, though ) > http://www.luxgames.net/blog/?tag=racing

    Just can't wait to be able to do that type of stuff in Flash as well!

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    This is the best Unity demo I know of:

    This does play fine on my slightly better than average laptop. It was created by some guys we know and they are making a killer Unity game next, really impressive all around.


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    I hate to take you all away from the games again but both safari and firefox have a version that supports hardware acceleration already although it's not turned on by default and not in the current releases. While I don't see this as "major" release materials it is a step in the right direction for adobe.

    If you were adobe would you try to target the hardware, open more security holes, and take a product you've worked so hard to force developers to better coding standards and do something like support computer hardware internally? They're just making a move with HTML5, which is smart. And I do believe that soon all modern browsers will have hardware acceleration on by default and in major releases. They'll have to to support svg and video better. Flash is still cross platform and it's up to us to use it right. They've just given us one more tool to start looking into for future development in my opinion.

    Man this sucks; I usually love to bash Adobe. Anyway, game on.
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