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Thread: Make Page Flip Effect

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    Make Page Flip Effect

    Hi there
    I'm resently obsessed with the Page flip effect,yes I did use the word "obsessed" from a enthusiast's view. In brief, page flip is a special effect that makes reading online more like reading a real book. So many brilliant jobs have been done in this area, I just list the typical ones, and hope this would help any of you.

    The delicate one that supports all basic effect. Both simulation and Vector technology are applied to make realistic 3D animated page-flip. Pages are processed for high speed online loading, with few seconds all pages will be cashed.I experience the smoothness of reading online from it.
    Demo: http://www.axmag.com/demo.html

    The open source designed by Sean O'Shell in 2002, it can be the basis and original of Page-flip.Streaming media thechnology was used for easy document anagement. As time goes by, it may not as glister as the *****, I still
    admire the work he had done.
    Demo: http://www.pixelwit.com/flip/PageFlip.html

    Aimed at sharing magazines, issuu is a terrific platform of online reading. They make page flip in a different way that focus on reading experience.Dynamic thumbnails and 3 typical view mode are supported. While, issue turn the pages more like a robot without dragging corner feature.
    Demo: http://www.issuu.com/snooka/docs/webrvano2

    In addition,page-flip.com makes good effect with higher cost. swftools.org develops open source and makes freeware.

    That's all I got, fell free to feed me back any comments or sugestions.thanks !

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    Any comments?

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    I prefer the "scribd" and "issuu". They are more like the online sharing platforms other than the format converters.
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    Do you have any codes that work in java/flash? I would appreciate it.

    Of coures, making page flip through software is acceptable and I like most of the products you listed, but I have to think carefully because the lack of money.

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