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Thread: Creating A TCG Game

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    Creating A TCG Game

    I really want to assemble a team of 2 or 3 people but that will prolly never happen. but heres my goals. I'm stuck and I want to begin this process.

    I want to know how to do all this..

    Features to be coded:
    * Use of PHP and SQL to have a website with a functional user database, user deck builder and card storage system. (If using IPBv3.1, can create and integrate card system in already existing user db)
    * A way to generate unique IDs for cards, and assign cards their owners (users) (i.e. card with id 40 is unique and assigned to user 62)
    * A way to perform real-time operations with values retrieved from database. (i.e Main card value 5, sub card value 3. add both = total value is 8)
    * AI for players to be able to battle against computer.
    * PvP for players to battle each other.
    * Admin Control Panel in order to control many of the features in the game.
    * An easy way to add, edit, remove any new or old cards to the game without any extra coding needed in the AdminCP.
    * A card level up system (like Urban Rivals) where the card earn experience and once reaches a certain amount, it levels up to another card that is better than the previous one.
    * Card shop to sell card packs that give random cards as well as different percentage chance to recieve the common, uncommon, and rare cards.
    * Cash/Point system for the use of pricing, buying, selling, and cards or packs. (I don't mean real money)
    * A way to integrate Paypal for using real money to purchase more cash/points for the game.

    Plus >_> I have more I'll edit in time, right now overwhelmed with everything.

    I need to know what program I should use to compete with Elementsthegame

    If your not familiar with elements the game go to www.elementsthegame.com

    I want to compete with elements with a sweeter platform and creative game play.


    (noob) sorry

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    does anybody know how I would build this ??

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    hey im sort new to this...well like i already have a trading card game planned out, everytin is written down from rules to gameplay walkthrough so now im just designin the cards using flash so i can make a beta version, wen making a tcg, im pretty sure that the use of card generators in the question and so im tryin to find out how to make one using flash, if derz n e tin that can lead me to the rite direction please feel free to let me know of it. thanks in advance

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