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Thread: .swf file too big? freezing when saving

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    Trying out my first Flash movie at home, a site for a musician friend who wants photos and lots of sound track samples.

    I'm having a heck of a time with my mac freezing when I try to save the file, for some reason especially when I modify a nested movie clip, then return to the main timeline and then try to save.

    Got a G4, 90MB physical ram alloted to Flash, and yes, I do have 4.0a. It was hell before with just 4.0! But it still is.

    I have a feeling my file is just way too big, but I have no idea how to put in all the information, or most, even if I do shrink the photos and make shorter sound clips. Would it make a difference if I downsampled the sound files before importing them into Flash? I had heard to leave them at full quality, then import because Flash will do the compression itself.

    Lesse...I'm at about 900k for the swf file. Just too big, or am I missing something?


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    Try splitting the swf into smaller movies, if the problem is the filesize, this should work!
    I've seen larger movies with no problems...

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