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Thread: playstation phone

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    playstation phone


    Now this I might be interested in. Need more details though.

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    I smell N-Gage all over again
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    Sony + proprietary = the same thing all over again

    Beta, mini-disc, UMD, now a custom firmware perhaps for Android? Not too sure about this one.

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    Yeah I saw that it was running Android and was excited to see them use it. Then I got to thinking of their track record and how they always lock crap down. So I can only imagine the type of stuff that will come preloaded on that thing. They'll also have their own network to download apps(they can't lock out the android market, can they?)

    This is a little side thing about android but I see a lot of companies starting their own markets which is just branching out the apps too much imo. Google needs to figure out a way to just make the market more manageable for those companies and somehow keep it all in one place.
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