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Thread: Is this the right way to do this??

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    Is this the right way to do this??


    New to programming in flash, very new. Trying to make a header image that has a set of images at the bottom that scroll off to the left then come back around at the right and keep scrolling through. Kind of like the "Our picks of the week" here:


    Here is what I have sketched out so far:

    var timer=0;
    var picPause=0;
    var picSpacing=10;
    var Narrators = new Array();

    function MovePic(e:Event):void {

    if (picPause==0) {

    if (timer==1&&picPause==0) {

    ABOOK.x = 550;
    } else {


    function ShowDetails(e:Event):void {

    function MovePicCont(e:Event):void {

    ABOOK.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME, MovePic);
    ABOOK.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, ShowDetails);
    ABOOK.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, MovePicCont);

    The code works, it moves a movieclip from left to right and pauses on mouse over. But it seems like there has to be a better way. Any advice and input would be appreciated.

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    Your question is subjective. There are fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, dozens of ways to complete the same task and it becomes a matter of preference, performance, and task that chooses the way you accomplish something. If your slider works then absolutely it's the right way to do it. But of course there are other ways.

    Instead of using the enter frame event you could use Tweener (external library : look this one up) and run a timer event and possibly delays. Tweener is a tweening engine that will give you cooler effects than move/don't move and that may be what you want. Or, since yours constantly is moving and then stopping you could allow it to rotate based on mouse position on the stage and slow or stop during a certain portion of the middle. That way is done often and feels more organic but requires some math and a little more code.

    However, as I've said. If it works and you're happy with the way it looks then it's a good way to do it; especially when you're just starting.
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    Thanks for the reply mneil. I briefly checked into the tweening libraries like GTween v2.01, I will revisit them. Thanks!

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