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Thread: [RESOLVED] Export image sequence with movie clips, vcam, etc.

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Export image sequence with movie clips, vcam, etc.

    UPDATE: I found a way to work around the issue. Because it seems the only way to export with actionscript animation intact is to export as a Quicktime file, I decided to try something and it worked. I made the frames-per-second go from 30 down to 1. It took a looong time to export at 1fps but once it did, I loaded it into Premiere and adjusted the Speed/Duration, putting the speed at 3000 (30*100) and it looks very smooth. Not the neatest way to do things but it works, so I'm happy. A way to do it with a smaller file size would be nice (raw exported file is 883 MB's) but I'm not greedy.

    UPDATE: this is a similar post. I guess the proper terminology for what I am looking for is to export as a PNG sequence with actionscript animation.

    In Flash CS5 after attempting to export to a Quicktime .mov file and it turning out extremely choppy no matter what (I tried things from here and here) until somewhere I found someone saying they always export as an image sequence. I thought this was the solution to all my problems: I could export as an image sequence so there would be no choppiness, then just import it into a video editing software.

    That was until I noticed that the vcam I am using wasn't working in the finished product. The movie clips wouldn't animate, it would just be stuck on the first frame. Masks were also not working correctly (although this may not be an issue if I just lock the layers before exporting, not sure). So basically, I can't export in Quicktime - which does export with vcam, masks, and motion clips - because it's too slow and choppy, and I can't export as an image sequence (even though it wouldn't be choppy) because it doesn't export with all the things mentioned.

    So what do I do now? How can I export this with movie clips, vcam, etc. without it being slow and choppy!? Can I get vcam, movie clips, and masks to export in an image sequence?

    NOTES ABOUT THE FLASH: I'm simultaneously using 3 movie clips, 2 with a blur filter applied, a mask and a vcam. I can understand why a .swf would be slow and choppy, but I'm trying to get this into a video format.
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    I came here by searching the web for the answer to the exact question posted in this thread.

    My animation contains nested movieclip animations which of course cannot be exported in any way other than .mov. And like the op said, when exporting animation as quick time is just plain ugly. One more important thing: my animation contains blending modes which makes it even weirder when exporting.

    First I tried swf converter (link in post above, update 2), but it is not free even if the website says so. When you download it and use it there is a watermark over your movie until you buy the program. ALSO, even my background of movie was white, when converted it changed colour to mild gray.

    My solution:
    I used this program: Kurst. That is an Adobe Air application and it is truly free. It exports animation into png images flawlessly.

    Next I used After Effects to import that image sequence and render .mov file.
    If you need another image format, you could open it in Photoshop and re-save it (use batch action if there are too many images).

    Good luck.

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    belitigar, thank you so much!!!!

    just for the sake of google indexing:

    if you need to export a swf file to AfterEffects and you're having trouble with nested movieclips not playing, probably the best solution is to do as belitigar said:
    download Adobe Air, then Kurst and export the SWF as a PNG sequence with transparent background.
    works great!

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    This forum is 6 years old but just in case someone had the same problem as me, I want to help them! I tried using Kurst to export my animation to a png sequence and it worked well EXCEPT it ignored the actionscript 3 vcam I had in my scene, and instead just showed the whole stage for the entire duration of the animation.

    After searching, I found this program: Swivel. It is free and exports a swf file using the actionscript 3 vcam flawlessly. It only allows you to export to video format (even though I prefer png sequences) but it allows you to export a lossless video so that was really not a draw back.

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