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Thread: Away3d: VideoMaterial is not playing .flv

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    Away3d: VideoMaterial is not playing .flv

    Hello Friends,

    I am trying to run an .flv through away3d class but its not working. Here is the code I have so far.

    import away3d.materials.VideoMaterial;
    import flash.display.Sprite;

    public class MyClassExtend extends Sprite
    public function MyClassExtend()

    var vmat:VideoMaterial = new VideoMaterial( { loop:true, file:"new_york1.flv" });

    It is tracing but not playing the flv. Please guide me if I am doing something wrong.

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    Looks as per the API reference...

    Why on earth does the Away3D API pass init objects like that, whats wrong with params for code hinting??

    Anyway... that code is incomplete so I would tell you to check the following...

    Are you mapping that Material to a geomtry objects??
    Is the flv path correct in relation to your binary?
    Have you added your geometry to your scene (Assume its the same a Papervision)?!
    Does your scene have a camera and viewport and all the other bits and bobs to view the geometry?
    Have you added your viewport to the stage?

    Well... there are a few things to check!

    My guess is that you aren't doing any of these, but if you are subclassing some kind of geometry class and adding it via another class e.g. Main, you will still need to bind the texture to your mesh! (And possibly UV map it-Dunno how away3d works..never used it)


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    Thanks for your help mate, I have figured it out successfully

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