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Thread: best app on earth !!!

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    Nov 2010

    best app on earth !!!

    Hello together,

    i was serching 3 years ago, after that software i found
    today. Its 3DFA. It is so great that i play every day with
    it and reinstall my windows, to have it a lil bit longer.
    (not realy good, i have to stop it)

    So i try out "koolmoves" but its not user-friendly. Its more
    coder-friendly. So i am much faster with 3dfa and dont have
    to type a lot in the script. Im also not a coder. And Koolmoves
    has not the capabilities as 3dfa has. Scripting in koolmoves isnt
    so nice as in Flash CS3 for example. I know, this is why the app
    is cheap. But in comparsion to 3dfa it sucks. IMHO.

    Now Adobe releases the Flash Catalyst. I give it a try. But it also sucks.
    It Doesnt have the capabilities that 3dfa has. That is, what i find out.
    And this is, what i cant understand. There seems to be a big demand
    after that kind of software. And 3dfa was 10years before catalyst availible.
    I think there is a wonderfull future for a software like 3dfa. Because
    its really simple, fast & powerfull. It should be developed further....!!!

    What so you all think about this? Do you have tryed out some other
    software in comparsion to 3dfa? What is your opinion? And so on....

    all the best

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    I find it funny that your one and only post is to praise 3DFA and bash KoolMoves. I own both and like both. But 3DFA is dead and KoolMoves is actually pretty easy to understand, whether you code with action-script or not. Oh and KoolMoves is up to date.

    I'm still trying to figure out why I even responded to this post???

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    thank you for respond. Second, i wanted to say that koolmoves
    is ok, if you want to animate something its kool. But for non-
    coding actions it doesnt has so much capabilities as 3dfa, imho.
    Of course, if you know AS2.0 (AS1.0) or AS3.0 well, you can do everything
    with koolmoves. But then you can even do everything in "notepad"
    and use this.

    For Example, if i want to get an action in koolmoves, i have to serch
    wich command / code is the right for my current scene. If i found the
    code, the program doesnt ask me, which element should be driven by this.
    And after that i have to check if the syntax is correct. So many questions
    for a non-coder like me. Or am i missing something.....? Dont know, maybe
    koolmoves has some secrets.

    What do you think about node-based Visual coding, like in kismet, 3dvia studio
    or unity3d (VIZIO)?


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    Koolmoves does have an alternative interface for non coders. With the built in motion scripts and such it's pretty easy to do the basics without really any coding. What is great is you have the option of full script support and compatability with Flash.

    3DFA when I had it was indeed the easiest flash creation tool I'd ever found and I too thought it had great promise, but it lost it's focus and support dried up and what you are left with is a buggy unsupported out of date program and as such I could not reccomend it. Frankly the forum here is so unused and not supported by 3dfa that I would not be surprised to see it get removed in the near future.

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    Nov 2010

    with "alternative interface" you mean the "Wizards" mode, right? And true, there
    are so much predefined motions. And AS3.0 support sounds also kool. But for
    me AS2.0 is enough. I read some time ago, that AS3.0 is more efficient in the per-
    formance area in comparsion to AS2.0. Im not sure...

    Despite all the comments // comparsions, i like the workflow of 3dfa, more. Maybe im
    the only one, as said before :-) Do you know about the Flash to html5 converter. I saw
    a presentation on Youtube. Sounds pretty well. But im not sure if it will only support
    AS2.0 or AS3.0 . Dont get it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryZP0...layer_embedded

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    I would LOVE to see 3dfa getting updated. I mean it has/had so much promise, but I'm with everyone else, in that I just don't see it happening.

    Paying for an upgrade is a very do-able option, but I think that whole discussion was the death of the prgram in the first place.

    Anyway I still check in here from time to time, and actually use the program on a very regular basis. In fact it still does everything I need it to do, but then again, I'm running 3 seperate versions to sidestep various bugs....


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    me too. Want to see an kool update. But who knows, what will be happening.
    Maybe the developer switched to an another app. Maybe he was hired. Who knows...
    I will also stay close to 3dfa, the hope die as last.....or so ;-)


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