Hello together,

i was serching 3 years ago, after that software i found
today. Itīs 3DFA. It is so great that i play every day with
it and reinstall my windows, to have it a lil bit longer.
(not realy good, i have to stop it)

So i try out "koolmoves" but its not user-friendly. Its more
coder-friendly. So i am much faster with 3dfa and donīt have
to type a lot in the script. Im also not a coder. And Koolmoves
has not the capabilities as 3dfa has. Scripting in koolmoves isnīt
so nice as in Flash CS3 for example. I know, this is why the app
is cheap. But in comparsion to 3dfa it sucks. IMHO.

Now Adobe releases the Flash Catalyst. I give it a try. But it also sucks.
It Doesnīt have the capabilities that 3dfa has. That is, what i find out.
And this is, what i canīt understand. There seems to be a big demand
after that kind of software. And 3dfa was 10years before catalyst availible.
I think there is a wonderfull future for a software like 3dfa. Because
its really simple, fast & powerfull. It should be developed further....!!!

What so you all think about this? Do you have tryed out some other
software in comparsion to 3dfa? What is your opinion? And so on....

all the best