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Thread: Dragable circles to display RGB mix add

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    Dragable circles to display RGB mix add

    Hi there,

    I got to create an app with 3 draggable circles. (Red,Green,Blue). At the centre overlay the RGB needs to display the mixed RGB. I.e if red and blue, overlay display magenta. If green and red overlay display yellow. If red, blue and green overlay display white, etc.

    Please any advice would be appreceated as I have no idea where to start. A bit over my head with this one!


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    well this might get you started http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials...cker-in-flash/
    its not a circle, but just for you to get an idea..
    otherwise, what i think you need is to make them 3 circles with a blending mode of additive or subtractive.

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