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Thread: Integrating Google Maps API (custom component)

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    Integrating Google Maps API (custom component)

    I'm trying to integrate the Google Maps API into Flash.
    Just wanted to mess around with it and see what I could get done with it.
    I followed the guide on the code.google page, which said the following:
    Create a "Google" directory in one of the following locations and copy the SWC file there:

    * (Windows) C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS3\language\Configuration\Components
    I did this (but instead in the CS5 folder). The folder structure is exactly the same, I restarted Flash several times, but the component just won't show up in Flash.

    Any help with this? I tried looking for other tutorials, but I couldn't get it working at all.
    I have the correct SWC file in there as well.

    Edit: Solved, I just found out that as of Flash CS4, the components are stored in CS5\Configuration. It works now
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