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Thread: Terrain Collision!

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    Terrain Collision!

    Im making a bike game thing...
    And Im not sure how to implement the terrain collision
    Heres an idea:
      _      _
     / \---/  \
    |   |  |   |
     \_/  __/-/ <collision so move up right wheel and move down left until it touches ground
    but i dont know how to figure out the rotation/xy coordinates/stuff
    PLEASE HELP :awesome:

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    It depends how realistic you want to get. Like if you drive off a ramp, should the bike stay airborne for a couple of seconds? Should it behave like this game? http://www.miniclip.com/games/trial-bike/en/

    If so, the math is probably very complicated. Rather than reinvent the wheel, you should use a physics engine like Box2D http://box2dflash.sourceforge.net/ Download the file, pick one of their demos and customize it to fit your needs.

    If you're doing something simpler (the ground is smooth; the bike never leaves the ground) then you could probably get away with something simpler.

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