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Thread: Confused about POST, GET, loadvars.send ...

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    Confused about POST, GET, loadvars.send ...

    I'm trying to send a value from flash to PHP and then write it to MySQL db. The AS code I've got is:

    submittedData = new LoadVars();
    submittedData.inputData = inputData.text; //suppose I've written "foobar" in the input text box

    //in the button.onPress function there is ...
    submittedData.send("myphpscripturl", "POST");

    When I click on the button, the value does get sent to the php script but it seems to be via the GET method as it appears at the end of the url in the browser address bar like this:


    and I can grab it with PHP using $_GET and write it to a text file.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks,

    - guy

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    According to the documentation, the second value in send() is the target, and the third value is GET or POST:


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    Correct, you're missing the correct parameters:

    submittedData.send("myphpscripturl", "_self", "POST");
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