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Thread: importing fla libraries

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    importing fla libraries

    I know it's possible to import libraries of other .fla files.
    but is it also possible to import them in such a way, that if you make changes to that .fla library, all the other .fla files that have imported that library will also have those changes?
    I program in AS3 only.

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    I'm not sure about specifically importing an FLA's library, but I have done something in the past that yields similar results: I created an FLA that has assets in it which are set to Export For ActionScript. I then loaded that SWF (which had nothing on the stage, but that's a whole other story where you can sneak stuff onto the TimeLine without it really being "on the timeline" so that you don't have to Export In First Frame - plus I don't think I even added the supporting SWF to the stage of the parent SWF) into a parent SWF & was able to dynamically load assets from that file's library. I wasn't using the actual supporting SWF for anything - only it's library assets. In that way, if I updated those support SWFs, it would change what's loaded in by the parent SWF without ever having to modify the parent SWF.

    Typically, as a personal rule, I DESPISE the loading of external SWFs & feel that it's a bad practice. However, I made an exception for that case because it offered something different than just loading in a SWF & using it as a SWF.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any sample code - or even many details - to offer you, but I figured I'd mention that it was possible this way which may help you more effectively search.

    I did mine in AS3, not sure if it works in AS2.
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