Hello everybody on Flashkit,

It's been well over a couple of years since I joined this great forum. Well back in 2008, I started my first ever real "programming" with Flash. And I started the roots of a Flash project. It was a occasional project, and I ran into many bumps and roadblocks developing it. And that's where this great website came in.

Let me give you some background info.

Back in 2008, I started a flash game called "The Smarty Pants Quest" and released it on my site. It was a popular little game that alot of people liked. Well since then, I wanted people to be able to save their game progress, and create their own profiles.

Shortly after, the roots of a flash-based network were born. I called it "RHAS", basically a network where people could create accounts in flash and use them. Without any classes, and starting from scratch, I created a framework of accounts that could interact with Flash. It was an on and off project, and had many glitches. Soon enough, it became an on and off project where I forgot about it, and rediscovered it and worked on it again.

By 2010, I re-found the frameworks of my network and decided to expand it. And then, I changed it into a good looking interface. I called the interface I created, "TRU". And in the past several months after re-discovering TRU, I worked hard to fix the glitches, add brand new features, and finally publish this new network.

Let's fast forward to today.

Now, overall TRU has much more to offer then just the SPQ, what it was originally created for.
You can create your own profile, play the Smarty Pants Quest, participate in Everyday Earth, and soon be able to watch videos and SHOP. On top of that I developed a feature called, urPoints. A virtual currency you earn for using TRU, watching videos, and participating in challenges and games. With urPoints, you can earn discounts and free products from SHOP.

And on January 1st, 2011, I launched my brand new website and the release of The Rohobot Universe. Welcome to 2011 and welcome to a brand new network, after 3 years in the making.

Without Flashkit.com, it's forum, and you guys, I probably never would have finished this project (and might of instead gave up after the first or second roadblock). So many of you guys helped me out to solve annoying glitches and problem I simply could not fix after hours of debugging.
With the help of this forum, I managed to complete TRU in a few years without ANY programming classes.

So that's why, I'd like to give a big thanks to you guys for helping out. And special thanks to the Flashkit users below:

-A Modified Dog

And the rest of the Flaskit Community! If I forgot anybody, let me know!

I am truly thankful to all the people who spend their valuable time to helped me and with our flash problems.

Now that it's done. I am so happy. Here it is: http://www.trixmasta.com/TRU

I am completely open to constructive criticism, suggestions, and ideas! In fact, I encourage them! This is a brand new release, and I am still deciding exactly where I want to head with this network.

Side Note: Yesterday, I was shocked to discover from a Flash developer company, that AS3 games cannot be loaded inside TRU. I never pondered on this subject since I've only been coding with AS2. And today, this news just crushed my hopes of expanding TRU with all sorts of Flash games on the web. So at the moment I am glad to receive suggestions and comments about what to add on TRU!

So once again, thank you everyone for helping out, and go check out the finished project that took me 3 years to finally complete!

New Site Launch w/TRU: http://www.trixmasta.com