Hey I am using the load command to load content from a .txt file on my server. I have it all working just find when I preview the swf file in flash and when I view the .swf in my web browser from my server. The problem when I view the .swf file on my php page (home.php) I only get undefined variables, it seems to not be able to connect to the .txt files only when I am viewing it on my php page. Again if I view the .swf file on my server using my web browser it works fine. What could be the problem?

Using Flash CS4
Actionscript 2
Dreamweaver CS4
Google Chrome and Opera

Actionscript Code:
//Get Title
firstTitle = new LoadVars();
firstTitle.onLoad = function(){
   story_title.text = this.content;

//Get Text
secDescription = new LoadVars();
secDescription.onLoad = function(){
   description.text = this.content;

to view the website: http://www.psu-tv.com/home.php
to view the swf: http://files.psu-tv.com/flash/homepanel.swf