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Thread: Stop Scrolling Image (web header)

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    Stop Scrolling Image (web header)

    Im building a site and on the the index page i have a flash header that scrolls through 5 pictures and loops back and stops on the first picture. With each tier 1 and tier 2 page Id like the same animation when the flash header opens but id like it to just stop on one picture instead of scrolling through the 5.

    I have NO IDEA how to make this happen.. ive tried going through my actionscripts for each item layer etc and cannot figure out where and how to get the scrolling to stop on just the one pic. I did remove the frames for the 4 pics i want gone.. but when i preview it, it opens great... goes white after the first pic.. i assume for the now removed pics then loops back to the first pic. How do i fix this??

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    If you want only one header with different behaviors, depending on the url, you'll need code. Since you didn't post any code, helping you with it is impossible. If your knowledge in actionscript doesn't allow you to understand and to write code with variables, you can always use different .swf documents, one for each header. Or post what you have, code and stripped .fla (refer to the sticky for reducing weigth of document), so people here can help.


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