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Thread: trouble with key.isToggled. Toggle is working but MC is not playing properly

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    trouble with key.isToggled. Toggle is working but MC is not playing properly

    Hey FK, when using key.isDown, I can have a animated_mc inside a player_mc gotoAndStop(4); where the animated_mc is what I want to play. animated_mc on frame 4 will play so long as I have the button down. Which works as intended with "Key.isDown".

    The problem is, I want to use a key to toggle the animation on frame 4 without having to hold the key down. So I figure key.isToggled would work.

    It does toggle properly, but no matter what I try; I can't get it to actually play the mc that is on that frame without holding the key down. The toggle goes to the frame properly but the animation only plays if I keep the key down. It stops as soon as I lift my finger off the key (stays on the correct frame though, so toggle works).

    I have a really tough time with jargon so coding is a terrific struggle, but I would still really love to learn.

    Your patience, time, and responses are much appreciated!

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    Also, If I've screwed up somehow with etiquette, I apologize. If this is getting ignored because of something missed in an FAQ or a common problem, please let me know.

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    could i have a look at the .fla file to have a proper look?
    might be addicted to flash...

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    Maybe on your KEY.up there is something?

    maybe the movie you are trying to play has stop actions in every frame? hence stopping the playhead from moving?

    post the code or the .fla as suggested..


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