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Thread: FLV Playback Help?

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    FLV Playback Help?


    I'm making a demo project for myself to learn. The project is somewhat similar to "The Story of Stuff" website.
    (Any insight as to how they do it is welcome...)

    But I making this demo and going step by step. I have a small working project but the video clips are embedded and now I'm launching them externally using the flv playback component.

    The project is here...mygreenscreendemo.com

    I have only made the very first video clip external that is loaded in using the component. The rest of the clips are embedded.

    As you can see I made this so when the picture icons appear and when you click on one the video pauses and when you click the close button on the small window that pops up the video resumes.(un-pause)

    Basic time line controls. (Linear)

    But of course this does not work when I load the clip externally using the flv playback component.

    My question is , how can I control(Play/Pause) the flv playback instance(s) with my existing icons???

    Again the example is at mygreenscreendemo.com

    Thank You for any help...


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    You may want to check the liveDocs. There are multiple examples on top of methods descriptions. here.


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