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Thread: Flash vs Captivate?

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    Flash vs Captivate?

    I have been using flash for 10 years to build complex simulations and interactions for technical training. I work for a software company and I build the online training for all products. Now my boss wants me to use Captivate. Captivate was originally created for those who can't or won't use Flash. I feel this is going backwards for me as I do know Flash very well. However, I don't want to get stuck in the past. Does anyone have anything that lists the pros and cons of using one over the other?

    Please help, I really feel I may lose my job to a talking bobble head.


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    If your boss is serious about his product then tell him not to go with Captivate. This save time and money, but online training product or e-learning products is not a chip game in the market. It needs lots of thing instead of just making an interactive slide show.

    But with Captivate, things going faster and minimize the effort than flash. After all you have to see what the product needed. If you can able to make a framework for your training product by flash and can able to reuse your structure and codes, then I think you will succeed.

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    My thoughts are different tools for different jobs. If you need to take screen captures then Captivate is fast and effective. It also doesn't have to be an either/or. In my workplace we use Captivate but often add flash interactions into it to make it more effective. No harm in having more tools and choices available.

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    your boss wants to go the captivate way possibly because it is cheaper from a client point of view, beacuse the things you can do with captivate with the things you can do with flash are like 80:20. I faced a similar issue with one of our clients. We ended up creating the entire course in flash, looking like it was created in captivate because Captivate is unstable and you can't set a proper standard workflow with it.

    It is part of a string of applciations that have been developed to make e-learning easier and accessible for all. But it can never ever beat the flexibility and robustness of Adobe Flash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcortesi View Post
    Now my boss wants me to use Captivate.
    Either your boss is an idiot, or they are looking to cut the budget Marie.

    I also create technical training modules and simulations. Even though some of the leadership here has poor understanding about technical issues, they are smart enough to understand that captivate is just a flash knock-off for dummies and is nowhere near robust enough to do anything beyond simple tutorial and such.

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