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Thread: Boldening dynamically filled text box.

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    Boldening dynamically filled text box.

    Hi, I have a dynamic textfield "chap1text" inside "chap1textbox", and it is gradually filled one character at a time using a script.

    no matter what I do, it isn't going bold!!! Have tried a few things, what's the best way to make dynamic text bold?!

    If I write the text in the textbox it works fine, but if I try and fill it with the below script it goes completely WHACK!

    Thanks, Dave

    Actionscript Code:

    var firstName = "dug";
    var companyName = "flappyjacks";
    var chap1content = "blah blah blah" + firstName + "blah blah blah";

    bodyTextFormat.bold = true;

    var textLength = chap1content.length;
    var num;

    num = 0;

    var scorevar = _root.score;

    externalvar.text = scorevar;

    chap1textbox.onEnterFrame = function()
        if(num >= textLength)
            chap1textbox.chap1text.text = chap1content;
        else if(num < textLength)
            chap1textbox.chap1text.text = substring(chap1content, 1, num);
            num ++;
            //trace("Num = " + num + "\ntextlength = " + textLength);
            //trace(specify number)

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    what do you mean? gradually filled in? like using a mask? (which I dont see in you code anywhere?)

    or do you just mean 1 character appears/is displayed in the field 1 at a time..building a word/sentence?

    cant you just BOLD the text field you are using?
    or use a textFormat to apply to the text field after each character is added?

    I dont see either/any of that going on or even attempted?

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    This script made the text came in letter by letter, at the time of writing I'd tried assigning that text format to the textbox, with no joy - same with changing the text box to bold.

    After a while, I managed it with HTML text, I think it went something like this:
    Actionscript Code:
    chap1textbox.chap1text.html = true
    chap1textbox.chap1text.htmlText = "<b>" + substring(chap1content, 1, num) + "</b>";

    The text then came in letter by letter, bold. Thanks for the reply!


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