Hi everyone, while building my own FLV playback component (progress bar which doubles as scrubber (i.e., has a slidable knob, etc.) included), I ran into the following problem:

Once a button that begins download of an FLV is released and the FLV begins loading, the progress bar (which represents the FLV's timeline/total/loaded amounts, etc.) increases (width), however, if during this process a user starts to drag the knob, the width of the progress bar is 'stunted', in other words, while the 'onPress' event is active, the 'videoStatus' event is disabled (the event/function responsible for the proportionate increase of the FLV progress bar's width).

I believe that the problem lies in the simultaneous launch of two 'onEnterFrame' events... the progress bar function (function called 'videoStatus'), defined when creating the 'vFrame' empty movie clip (vFrame.onEnterFrame = videoStatus, and the 'onPress' event for the knob (which feeds the 'scrubit' function through that same 'vFrame' frame... when the knob is pressed and dragged, etc., the function being passed through the 'onEnterFrame' event seems to be switched from 'videoStatus' to 'scrubit'. I've tried creating a frame called 'sFrame' as well, but to no avail, so I ask for your help.

Below is the entire section of code responsible from the FLV component:

Actionscript Code:
var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
    var ns:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);

    videoAll.videoAllIn.showreelBtnHigh.onRelease = function()

// creating empty movie clip 'vFrame' to accomodate 'onEnterFrame'
// which passes 'videoStatus' function
vFrame.onEnterFrame = videoStatus;

var amountLoaded:Number;
var duration:Number;

var pctLoaded:Number;

ns["onMetaData"] = function(obj){
    duration = obj.duration;

// function responsible for progress bar/scrubber track loading (width)
function videoStatus(){
if (amountLoaded == undefined) amountLoaded = 0;

amountLoaded = ns.bytesLoaded / ns.bytesTotal;
videoAll.videoAllIn.mc_controls.mc_scrubber.mc_track.trackBar._width = amountLoaded * 220;
videoAll.videoAllIn.mc_controls.mc_scrubber.mc_knob._x = ns.time / duration * 220;

// function responsible for scrubber knob dragging here launches
// 'scrubit' function in same 'vFrame' empty movie clip
videoAll.videoAllIn.mc_controls.mc_scrubber.mc_knob.onPress = function(){
vFrame.onEnterFrame = scrubit;

videoAll.videoAllIn.mc_controls.mc_scrubber.mc_knob.onRelease =  videoAll.videoAllIn.mc_controls.mc_scrubber.mc_knob.onReleaseOutside =  function(){
vFrame.onEnterFrame = videoStatus;

function scrubit(){



Does anyone have any ideas on the possiblity of two 'onEnterFrame' events running at the same time (in the same frame?) or any other possible solutions (perhaps using 'delete vFrame.onEnterFrame' in some way while 'scrubit' function is using that same 'onEnterFrame'? My actionscript level is still pretty basic, so I would really appreciate any help that people shed on this situation...
Thank you in advance to anyone that takes the time to try and figure this out.

P.S. Using intervals is not really option as this entire process was originally created using intervals (if anyone else is familiar with Lee Brimelow's video tutorial on FLV playback components), however, upon realising that two simultaneously-running intervals won't do the trick, he posted an updated version using 'onEnterFrame' events... (the problem seems to be however, that whether you use two intervals or two 'onEnterFrame' events, the scrubber breaks...) therefore, going back to intervals would probably be taking a step backwards...? Hoping to get feedback from anyone and thanks again!:)