So I'm using the standard AS3 NetConnection/NetStream mumbo jumbo to connect to an FMS 4 server. I create the NetStream object, attach a camera and microphone to it, and publish it for 8 seconds.

When I play it back, sometimes (not always, but most of the time) the playback freezes temporarily at the beginning. Like...the playhead freezes for however many seconds, and then immediately jumps forward that many seconds, but it resumes the playback from where it froze. It's like it's adding however many seconds to the recording, but the player just skips over those seconds, and I can verify that by tracing the netstream time, which for an 8 second clip reads 12 seconds or 14 or 16 seconds at the end of the play through, even though the stream only recorded 8 seconds.

This only happens when I attach audio, so if I take out the attachAudio line, the recording and playing works perfectly.

Anybody hear about anything like this happening? I'm pretty stumped. I've tried every codec, rate, encoding quality, etc possible.