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Thread: flash cs5 not working?

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    flash cs5 not working?

    I am currently using Adobe Flash CS5 and AS3 to create a project for a professional website, however I am running into a problem. Flash isn't doing what I tell it to. When compiled, the program runs, and text I created and put into it is messed up: it has "ummy Tet" instead of "Dummy Text 1". When copied and pasted from this, it comes up as the correct text, however you cannot see this in the running program.
    Also, when I run the program, this text box is supposed to fade in and out, and flash thinks that it is doing so, as I put a trace function where the program is faded out, however it is still there, at 100% alpha. The text box then disappears abruptly, with no fade, and when it is to fade back in, it remains invisible.

    Help please? I don't know how to fix this, as it is clearly not a problem in my programing, but in flash itself.

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    ^If this is confusing, the program seems to have the text box (with the wrong letters) that does not fade out, simply disappears instantly, and does not show up again. When I tried to figure out what's going on, I placed trace functions throughout, and it ran though all the code and frames as it is supposed to. Also, the wrong letters (when copied and pasted into a text editor), turn into the correct letters in the text editor.

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    Are you by any chance using TLFTextField instead of the TextField type ? We are running into a lot of strange err... 'features' with this object, such as the one you described.

    Are you embedding a font in this textfield ? In my case, I found that it helped to go to the library item in CS5, click the embed button and remove every fonts in the panel on the left. Close this panel, select the font in the pull down menu in the textfield's property inspector and publish the file.

    Using AS3, you then embed the font you selected ( make sure you embed it so the names match up ) and register it. That way, the TLFTextField object will use that data to embed the font. Et voila, for some reason unknown to logic or man, your text displays properly.

    CS5 is a horrid buggy package in my experience ( and the .xfl format isn't too subversion friendly either! ) and when possible I avoid using the IDE altogether.

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