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Thread: Record usage of an app

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    Record usage of an app


    I'm looking at finding a way of recording the amount of times a swf is loaded or a button pressed with the aim of giving a client feedback about how their product is used and was wondering if anyone has any ideas?

    Basically I am creating a touch screen app for a client which will contain a couple of hundred images and the client would like to keep track of which images are loaded in and how many times.

    I looked at Mochibot which seems good however I don't think this app I am building will be connected to the Internet. So that's not a viable option.

    So is it possible to output something locally? Which will get added too every time the app is used. Even if the computer and app are restarted?

    Any ideas would be very welcome!



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    Since it's for an installation, do it in AIR. And use SQLlite for persistant storage or just keep log files.

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    Cheers for the swift reply. I've never worked with Air before so will have to take a look and see what it can do.

    Cheers again.

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