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Thread: Best way to structure large AS3 site + .exe??

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    Question Best way to structure large AS3 site + .exe??


    I'm building a large site in AS3 with many pages and images and videos, etc. My thoughts would be to load in SWFs for each section, with hardcoded images and videos within so it doesn't get heavy and laggy. Is that the best way? I also have to make the whole site into a .exe standalone application - how will that work with external SWFs and all that?

    Thank you!

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    Hi there!
    I would suggest that you look into a framework of some sort.
    I use the GAIA framework & really like it.
    I'm not 100% developer but more of a designer that know some actionscript & therefore GAIA helps me alot with daily tasks like setting up memory management etc. It's also super easy to make an exe out of a site that you created. There will then be a main exe file that loads the swfs etc.
    You could also check out Soundsteps SomaCore framework - I haven't used that one myself but it looks interesting.
    Both of these are opensource & free to use.

    Best, Niklas

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    what about packaging the videos with the compiled work, in a separate folder or hosting them online, and set up and array to reference the locations controlling your FLV playback with a net stream....

    it would limit your user to being connected to the internet to get full interactivity if you hosted the files online but would cut your file size dramatically

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