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Thread: variable to line colour conundrum

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    variable to line colour conundrum

    I have a variable. He's imaginitively called 'n'. He doesn't do much, just an integer what adopts a value between 0-100. I also have a line drawing function. He does lots of things and draws lots of pretty lines. All in just one colour mind.

    I'd like to be able to change that colour based upon the value of 'n', but I don't know how to convert this integer into the 0x000000-0xFFFFFF format used by linestyle. I can scale and convert 0-100 into a hex string but I'm stumped at how to prepend 0x to the string and how to use this within linestyle....

    Here's what I have so far....

    //rgb = n*16777215/100;
    //hex = rgb.toString(16);
    //mcImage.lineStyle(1, 0x000000, 100, true, "normal", "none");

    Many thanks and whatnot

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    Try this,
    PHP Code:
    hex "0x" rgb.toString(16); 
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    as always the solution is incredibly obvious...... cheers for that!

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