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Thread: SWFAddress - problems.

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    SWFAddress - problems.

    I can't understand this. When I run a flashsite on other webhotels everything is working when it comes the seo part. (Running the site with javascript deactivated - browsing the underlying html-site, using the same principles as the SEO-sample from www.asual.com). But on my client's website (another webhotel) there are problems.

    For example:
    Visiting the www.thesite.com/biography results in 404 error and a message that biography.swf does not exist. I always get redirected to some imaginary swf-files thus giving me 404 errors or to swf-files that happens to have the correct file names. I've checked the .htaccess file and they look exactly the same. In fact I have uploaded the complete site to another webhotel and everything works perfect. I can browse the underlying html-site without any problems.

    The support at the my client's webhotel doesn't seam to understand how this solution work. They think I'm doing some seo-tweeks that they can't give any support for. But something is clearly wrong here and it seems that something is different on their servers.
    Does anyone have any experiences or any ideas of what is going on here?

    Help would be highly appreciated!!
    Best, Niklas

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    Make sure you have errors enabled in your PHP config to see what's going on.
    I've had problems as well.

    PHP Code:
    I had to enable errors to see that that specific hosting wouldn't allow me to use fopen(). Before this, I was clueless. Then I tried using cURL... no luck as well...
    I had to change the logic a bit.

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    ...thanks for your reply.
    However I don't seam to get any errors...


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