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Thread: Need help in adding photo gallery to premade flash web template.

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    Need help in adding photo gallery to premade flash web template.

    I purchased the following flash template:

    I am using Adobe Flash CS4 (for the very first time) and I desperately need help with adding a flash photo gallery to the template. I wanted to add Cooliris, but they said it wasn't meant to do what I want. If you can please look at the template above, I will be specific as to what I want:

    On the "Collection" page, I labeled it "Photo Gallery." When the page opens, you see nice swirl effects and then a rectangular box appears. Within the box, there is a small picture and some text. I would like to add a flash photo gallery to that page. I would like the opening swirl effects to remain, but instead of the picture and text (get rid of it), I want the photo gallery to appear within the rectangular box. I would also like to have the option of having the gallery switch between full screen and back to fit within the box.

    I tried using Annesoft 3D Flash Gallery and created a nice slide show. When I double click the swf file, it opens in Adobe Flash and I can see it working. But when I try to add it to the Library of my template, it shows an error that says it doesn't recognize the file. I even tried converting the swf file to fla, but it's the same thing, no good!

    I was told by someone that the Annesoft 3D Gallery was only meant to work up to Adobe CS3 and will not work with CS4. Is that true? Can someone please help? I can upload my template with the work I've done so far plus the photo gallery I made for you to look at and work on. I am willing to pay for your time and expertize.

    I also need on the page that says "Services." I want to change the text and then add links. I was given a tutorial from the company I bought the template from, but when I try to do it, it's not working. It seems so simple (duplicate layer and enter the code.. (on release... etc) but obviously, I'm doing something wrong.

    Thank You!

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    Hello Marty!, Welcome to FlashKit Forum.

    I am a Flash CS4 Certified Developer. I have more than 9 years of experience working with Flash. I would like to help you with this project.

    I have helped some people in this forum with projects. You can check my signature and see the good feedback.

    Please see some Flash websites I have done >


    Here is my contact information:

    e-mail > ogrp@acm.org
    skype > ogrpieee

    Let me know If I can help you. Thanks.
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    I developed some flash photo gallery skins which you can see at http://gallery.a4desk.com/. I can customize these skins for embedding to your flash project if you are interested.

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    Why can not you stick your SWF file directly into html...
    <object id="Flash" width="350" height="30">
    <param name="movie" value="/files/flash.swf">
    <param name="quality" value="high">
    <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />

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