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Thread: [as2][flash5] Reverse play timeline till stop

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    [as2][flash5] Reverse play timeline till stop


    I have problem with this one:

    I have 3 objects. One is a Movieclip, and other 2 are buttons (forward and backward)

    Like so:

    < MC >

    Inside MC there are several animations with stop(); where it should stop till clicking Next button to play till the next stop.
    [* --------->][* ---------->][(..)

    I would like the backward button to play the whole sequence but backwards...

    thank you in advance

    How can I tell the backward button, to play the animation in the MC from the current state, to the last stop();?

    edit: got it lol so stupid, it was so easy prevFrame, I thought that there was a dedicated function for rewinding
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    Oh wow and the question is now, how to make the prevFrame stop on specific frames ?

    code for the prev button:

    on (press) {
    onEnterFrame = function () {

    on (release) {
    if (contenidoCentro._currentframe == "1") {
    delete onEnterFrame;

    contenidoCentro is the mc with tweens with stop(); on every 15 frame

    the forward button has delete onEnterFrame to let got the rewinding.

    tried putting delete onEnterFrame on specific frames in the timeline but didn't work either :<

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