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Thread: [Complete] TEXTreme Adventure II

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    Smile [Complete] TEXTreme Adventure II

    The return of King Buckethead!

    TEXTreme Adventure II is the sequel to the most extreme, extreme text adventure ever (TEXTreme Adventure, in case you couldn't figure it out). This time there's a bigger world, more NPCs, more sidequests, more items, more puns, more references, a map, and a boss fight! How extreme is that!


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    What's the point of using Flash if it's all text-based?

    Even in terms of user penetration, hosting the game on ANY server pretty much exposes the game to %100 of people with a browser if you use PHP :P

    That aside, cool game, though not a fan of text based adventures. There was something that seemed...uncomfortable about your layout I guess. A full page console would look nice, just a big black screen with the green text...

    Sorry I didn't give any helpful feedback


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