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Thread: Overlapping buttons

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    Overlapping buttons

    Hi guys
    This seems like such an easy thing to do but it's driving me crazy. Sorry if this is a simple question.

    In a site I am building it is necessary to have a large movieclip overlaid over an image gallery. This movieclip controls scrolling so has a rollover listener attached, but of course the gallery pictures also need to have button actions.
    I cannot get them both working at the same time.

    How can I make it so that rolling over a movieclip doesn't disable the rollover for any movieclips underneath it?

    Here is a very simple example of the problem. Where the two buttons intersect, I want for the rollover to trigger them both:

    Does anyone know the solution?

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    press the picture...
    You cannot use the buttons underneath unless you inactivate the top button.
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