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Thread: PDF viewer in flash?

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    PDF viewer in flash?

    I want to open pdf files in flash without exiting the .swf.
    I am making buttons in flash. And i know you can open a pdf externally with acrobat.

    But I want to click a button, stay in the swf,and have a page flipper pdf built in or something. Is anything like this possible/available?

    It all has to run locally.


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    No. You'd need to convert the PDF to SWF using something like swftools PDF2SWF. Or if you're working with InDesign CS4 or greater that can export multipage swfs with the God awful pageturn effect built in.


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    Thanks Rob,

    But these PDF2SWF uses a interval.
    I want to user to navigate themself.
    I just have the PDF's and no InDesign Cs4 file.

    thanks anyway, it's weird, there should be something like this available right?

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    Hi, Thanksinadv.
    I have never tried swftools PDF2SWF mentioned above. But I wonder whether the
    PDF conversion tool I am testing about these days also allows users to open pdf files in flash without exiting the .swf. Do you have any ideas about it? Or any good suggestion? Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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    I do believe if we wan to display pdf in a flash viewer, we need to convert the PDF to SWF first by using a complete PDF comversion which can allow us to transform pdf format to swf file. If you've figured out another easier way, please share with us!

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