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Thread: Loading HTML images in AIR

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    Problem with images via HTML in AIR

    I have the following in an XML file and the image shows up when I target the SWF publishing to Flash Player 10, but when I switch to AIR 1.5 the image stops showing up:

    <P><font color="#727272" size="12px"><img src="images/TheShow-sponsors.jpg" hspace='0' vspace='0'/>
    xyzLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nulla dui dolor, dapibus ut consectetur in, scelerisque in augue. Phasellus ullamcorper justo a lacus elementum iaculis. Aliquam placerat lacus in orci ultrices fringilla. Maecenas elementum tortor viverra.</font></P>

    I suspect that the filepath changes when publishing an AIR project, but to what??

    Normally this is local to the SWF:

    What would the file path become for AIR?
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    Is Flashkit dead?

    I found the answer, buried deep in an info page about AIR. Images are prohibited in HTML in AIR for security reasons.

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