Hello everyone;

I am just stuck over a problem in flash presentation.
Actually I am doing a flash presentation where I am having two files i.e. "a" and "b".
in the file "a" there is a button named as "next" which when clicked shall start loading the file "b" movies and vice versa in the file"b" there is a buttn named "previous" which when clicked shall start loading "a". I gave action in the "next" button

on the "previous" btn

this is working fine with .swf output,
but the problem starts when I have made the output as .exe of the two files
it is to be mentioned that I have changed in the script "b.swf",1; to "b.exe",1;
and the same in "a.swf",1; to "a.exe",1;

But it does not work in .exe presentations.

But when in the same folder I am keeping both the .swf files and .exe files the .exe file jumps are working.

Can anyone please help me to sort out this problem.
Because I have to give presentation to someone who doesn't have flash player loaded in his PC. So the .swf files shall not open in his PC.

Please do help me how can I operate the file loadMovies only on .exe files.