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Thread: web pages links

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    Unhappy web pages links

    I am designing a webpage with more than 10 links. Now after i finish designing all the pages, I have to link them. How do i give links to the buttons in just one page and apply the same in the other pages as well? because I don't want to go to each and every page and keep giving all the links. There must be a way out ,please help...

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    Most of the time this is done with a server side include, which is where you put your navigation in one file and then "link" to it from your pages. To do this you need to know what sort of server side language your server supports (PHP, .NET, ASP...). Then you just change your page extension -- mypage.html becomes mypage.php for example -- and add the proper include code.

    Here are a couple of examples:

    mypage.html becomes mypage.shtml, navigation is in nav/nav.html. In mypage.shtml:

    <!--#include virtual="/nav/nav.html" -->
    mypage.html becomes mypage.php, navigation is in nav/nav.html. In mypage.php:

    <?php include '/nav/nav.php'; ?>

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